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Our firm’s construction internship is designed to introduce college students (sophomores through seniors) to office and field experiences in the commercial construction profession. The internship exposes the student to a wide array of professional interactions among management, project managers, field workers, consulting professionals, clients, and related trades, exploring the role of each within a project. Ultimately, this program intends to enhance the intern's individual abilities by gaining on-site knowledge of how a project idea becomes a construction reality.


  • A minimum of one (1)-year of satisfactorily completed coursework in civil engineering, construction management, or related field, with emphasis on civil, environmental, structural, mechanical, electrical or plumbing. Qualified candidates should have basic understanding and knowledge of areas of responsibility for this position.
  • Qualified candidates must be self-motivated, team players. Excellent math, problem solving, and relationship management skills are essential.


The intern will work under corporate managers, project managers, or field superintendents on a variety of construction tasks to understand one or more of the practical aspects of converting an idea into a finished construction project. Responsibilities may include one or more of the following activities:

  • Project Administration (Office): Project sales and marketing, scheduling, estimating, purchasing, other pre-construction services, accounting
  • Project Management (Field): Coordinating submittals, maintaining job logs, organizing and supporting job and Owner-Architect-Contractor meetings, participating in site and safety inspections, conducting inventories, troubleshooting


  • Communicate with other professional and specialty consultants including architects and engineers
  • Study through visits to several construction sites to better understand various design and construction techniques Interaction with the public, clients, regulatory agencies, and trade contractors


There are several advantages to participating in our internship program. You will:

  • Obtain valuable work experience in the commercial construction field that will increase your confidence as a future construction professional
    Enhance your future marketability when seeking a permanent position in the industry
    Obtain a competitive salary while working between academic sessions
  • Gain a better understanding of our firm which will help you evaluate your fit as a potential permanent employee
  • Finally, if you have a successful internship with us, you will receive priority consideration from us in terms of receiving permanent employment offers

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