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The Senior Project Manager (SRPM) is a professional with previous experience who manages one or more projects at any given time. The SRPM is responsible for the satisfactory performance of all AMHigley staff assigned to achieve project budget, schedule, and profitability goals. He or she leads the purchasing effort, administers trade contracts, conducts all project meetings, and prepares all project reports. The SRPM is the Owner's single point of contact for all business issues and contractual requirements. The SRPM coordinates closely with the Project Superintendent and typically reports to an Operations Group Project Executive or Vice President. He or she rotates their time between the office and field, visiting their projects several times weekly. The SRPM provides exceptional customer service to colleagues in the office and field, owners, owner’s representatives, architects, engineers, subcontractors, regulatory officials, and other project stakeholders.


It is unlikely that any single individual will possess all of the credentials and skills we describe below, which represent the company’s vision for this position. We encourage you to apply if you possess some of these credentials or skills and the desire to develop your career in these directions should you join our firm.

  • Holds at least a four-year engineering or construction-related degree.
  • Has at least ten (10) years of project management experience with increasing responsibility on construction values approaching $10 million or more.
  • Holds engineering certifications, such EI or PE, and industry certifications resulting from memberships in organizations like OSHA, USGBC, CMAA, or ASHE.
  • Has mastered the ability to read and understand construction documents including project plans, specifications, and shop drawings.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the values and ethics that differentiate AMHigley in the competitive marketplace.
  • Possesses an appreciation of the value of building a professional network of industry and community relationships that will help AMHigley learn about future project opportunities and a commitment to playing an active role in securing future business.
  • Possesses advanced competency in business writing and public presentation skills, and is motivated to become a compelling presenter, motivator, and team leader.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to creatively engage and lead in program development and initiatives that develop the group and benefit the company.
  • Receives a satisfactory employment background check.
  • Demonstration of delivering work results that consistently exceed corporate goals for profitability, schedule, quality, safety, and client relationship management.
  • Demonstration of receiving high ratings for client satisfaction, safety performance, and project execution on projects he or she leads.
  • Can demonstrate problem-solving ability
  • Demonstrate Team Leadership ability

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