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Yard Field Manager


The Yard Field Manager (YFM) is an individual that has experience with construction yard operations through previous employment at other construction companies or equipment/tool rental facilities.  The YFM is responsible for the field operations of our construction yard and will report to the Yard Office Manager (YOM).  He or she will provide exceptional customer service to colleagues in the office and field, owners, owner’s representatives, architects, engineers, subcontractors, regulatory officials, and other project stakeholders.  He or she understands that they represent an industry leader in construction management and general contracting and will conduct themselves to leave a positive impression on all individuals with which they have contact.


It is unlikely that any single individual will possess all the credentials and skills we describe below, which represent the company’s vision for this position.  We encourage you to apply if you possess some of these credentials or skills and the desire to develop your career in these directions should you join our firm.

  • Has a portfolio of relative experience where he or she can demonstrate previous experience in a yard field manager role.
  • Understands the construction industry and associated tools, materials, and equipment that are used.
  • Values safety and will be an advocate for our safety standards.
  • Has the ability to read and understand construction documents including project plans, specifications, and shop drawings​​.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the values and ethics that differentiate AMHigley in the competitive marketplace.
  • Possesses an appreciation of the value of building a professional network of industry and community relationships that will help AMHigley learn about future project opportunities, and a commitment to playing an active role in securing future business.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to problem solving, process improvement, and a willingness to contribute to initiatives that may go beyond the scope of his or her position.
  • Understands that, on occasion, the position may require early mornings or late evenings depending on the project needs.
  • Has experience loading and unloading vehicles and the importance of properly securing loads during transportation.
  • Has experiencing operating equipment to load, unload, and move materials. Such equipment may include skid steers, lulls, electric forklifts, etc.
  • Has the ability to review tools and equipment for damage, defects, or other issues when returned from project sites.
  • Has the ability to drive multiple vehicles for delivery purposes such as a standard pickup truck, pickup trucks with trailers, plow trucks and stake body trucks.
  • Receives a satisfactory ​employment background check and driving record review.