we believe that all accidents are preventable through proper planning, training, employee engagement, and vigilance

The Albert M. Higley Co. is committed to providing a healthy, safe, clean, and efficient environment for everyone that comes onto our project sites.

We believe that all accidents are preventable. A key to achieving this success is a safety culture that in engrained into all facets of our business. This is achievable through consistent and unwavering planning, training, employee engagement, subcontractor relationships, vigilance, and communication. With uniform commitment, we can ensure that everyone goes back home every day in the same condition that they came to work.  We maintain an EMR of 0.47. This is particularly notable given that in 2017 and 2018, AMHigley's workforce logged over 300,000 worker hours. We are on path to exceed that into the future.

To us, no project is a success unless it is built safely.  By instilling a deep commitment to safety that reaches from management to the trade workers, we have achieved an industry-leading safety performance, while improving productivity and lowering costs.

AMHigley's Safety Highlights:

  • Experience Modifier Rate of 0.47 (the lowest rating that Ohio BWC awards to construction firms)
  • Received award for 1 million Hours without OSHA recordable accident in 2016
  • All field and project leadership employees complete OSHA-30 training
  • All field and office employees take annual scheduled drug tests, randomly 25% are tested again on a random basis
  • We pre-qualify all subcontractors – Safety, Operations, and our CFO must sign-off before we will recommend a firm to bid your project
  • We require all subcontractors to submit a Site-Specific Safety Plan before they can begin work onsite
  • Every construction worker and Project Team member must complete our safety orientation training on the first visit before entering the jobsite
  • We require reporting and a root cause analysis of every incident 
  • Safety audits are conducted of all jobsites on a regular basis using iAuditor software