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Building Excellence Together: AMHigley and T. Allen

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The Albert M. Higley Co., proudly announces a significant milestone as it merges operations with T. Allen Incorporated. This merger marks a pivotal moment, consolidating two esteemed companies into a formidable force within the industry.

Earlier in 2023, AMHigley's leadership engaged in discussions with Randy Hamilton, owner, and co-founder of T. Allen Incorporated. Hamilton shared plans for retirement and the future of the business, with a primary concern for the seamless transition of his team to a company aligned with shared values. Recognizing the natural synergy between the two firms, AMHigley welcomed T. Allen's team into its fold.

"In joining forces with T. Allen Incorporated, we are strengthening our commitment to excellence," says Gareth Vaughan (President & CEO). "This isn’t just a merger of operations; it’s the alignment of shared values, expertise, and a collective dedication to delivering unparalleled service."

T. Allen Incorporated, a trusted name in carpentry and construction for nearly four decades, has garnered acclaim for its commitment to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to client expectations. The shared values and impressive track record of T. Allen complement AMHigley's legacy of customer service. Both companies are passionate about safety, continuous improvement, and unparalleled quality.

"T. Allen joining our team only enhances AMHigley's capabilities in carpentry and demountable wall installation, providing our partners with an elevated level of service," affirms Dave Pastir (COO). "By pooling our expertise, we aim to broaden our spectrum of services while maintaining the exceptional quality and personalized attention that clients have come to expect from both T. Allen and AMHigley."

Clients and partners can rest assured that this merging of operations will not disrupt ongoing projects with T. Allen. The collective teams are committed to ensuring a seamless transition, underscoring an unwavering commitment to excellence, personalized service, and robust client relationships.

"As AMHigley and T. Allen Incorporated embark on this transformative journey," says Gareth Vaughan, "the integration signifies numerous opportunities for growth and success. Together, we will continue serving the community with an even stronger foundation and an unwavering commitment to excellence in construction solutions."