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Women in Construction Week 2024

As we celebrate Women in Construction Week this year, we want to express our deep gratitude to the exceptional women who are leaving a lasting impact on the construction industry, particularly within AMHigley.

To our inspiring female project managers, engineers, tradeswomen, and support staff, we sincerely thank you for your tireless dedication and unwavering spirit. The innovation, diverse thinking, and fresh perspectives that women bring significantly enhance each of our construction projects. At AMHigley, our commitment lies in fostering an inclusive work environment that welcomes all team members, regardless of gender. We firmly believe in the transformative power of diversity, recognizing it as essential to our success and the advancement of our industry. Acknowledging the unique challenges women face in construction, we are steadfast in our dedication to creating opportunities for professional growth. 

So, during this Women in Construction Week, we thank all the remarkable women of AMHigley and those contributing to the construction industry. Your hard work, dedication, and passion are genuinely appreciated, and we eagerly anticipate continuing this journey together, building a future that reflects the strength of your contributions.