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Experienced Cleveland construction managers know how critical the various stages of any construction project are. Whether you are building a large skyscraper or completing a smaller home, when it comes to getting the job done right the first time and up to the project specifications, it pays to participate in careful planning and project tracking. This includes taking special care in the design and scope of the project with virtual modeling and expert project organization.

No matter how simple or how complicated a construction project is, utilizing Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is an important part of the process that can have a big impact on the end result. From the pre-planning and construction stages, on through to the final approvals, taking advantage of the BIM process is a smart solution for effective project execution, and it’s something that can give construction and engineering companies a leg up over the competition.

With BIM, construction managers utilize specialized software to create what are known as building information models. These files, which contain detailed information about a particular space, including all of its unique characteristics, are all stored within the same project for easy access. Having this type of detailed information makes it easier to create building plans, make changes to the existing space, and to maintain the space once it has been completed, a big value-add for building owners.

Instead of having to rely on 2D building plans and layouts, today’s project managers and their clients can take advantage of BIM software and the opportunities that it offers. Utilizing BIM software in big projects offers improved opportunities for different teams to collaborate across project teams and also facilitates improved communications. BIM software also makes it possible to hand over all of the facility information once a construction project has been completed, so that building owners have a full record of the building and the project. When it comes to having complete transparency into any project from the design to the final construction, you can enjoy increased visibility with BIM.