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AMHigley Announces Organizational Restructuring and Promotions

AMHigley Announces Organizational Restructuring and Promotions

In a demonstration of our commitment to sustained growth and future expansion, we are proud to announce updates to our organizational structure along with key promotions to strengthen our leadership team.

Gareth Vaughan, President and CEO, expresses his excitement over these transformative updates: "I am thrilled about the opportunity of enhancing our vision and exploring new avenues for growth. The Board of Managers of The Albert M. Higley Co. have elected to revise the organizational structure, supporting promotions that reflect the proven skills, performance, and overall current needs of the company."

Dave Pastir, previously the Executive Vice President, will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). In this capacity, Dave will provide overall oversight, leadership, and management of the functional aspects of the business, including Safety, Preconstruction Services, Operations, and Human Resources. Dave's responsibilities encompass the efficient day-to-day operations of the company, as well as approval authority for departmental budgets, compensation, and overall strategy and planning.

Reflecting on the promotion, Dave Pastir states, "This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to our continued success. I am honored to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer at such a pivotal time for the company."

Dan Sehlhorst has been promoted to the position of Executive Vice President. Dan will focus on revenue development and generation for the company, overseeing Business Development and providing leadership for the Regional Offices. Dan will mentor regional VPs, approve regional budgets, and ensure consistency of message, product, and process between offices.

In addition to the executive changes, Mark Vega has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Operations. Mark will assume leadership and oversight of the Operations Department, including Project Management, Field Operations, Project Controls, Customer Service Group (CSG), Construction Management, and Design Build projects. He will oversee Directors of Operations and Project Executives to ensure projects are set up correctly, managed efficiently, and aligned with company processes.

Please join AMHigley in congratulating Dave Pastir, Dan Sehlhorst, and Mark Vega on their well-deserved promotions and supporting them as they transition into their new roles.