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Our preconstruction group understands how critical early estimates are to a project's success. We practice a continuous process of cost control focusing on realistic budgeting, accurate documentation, and an ongoing review of costs to help you maximize your project dollars.

We deliver accurate, detailed estimates prepared at the conceptual, schematic, design development, and construction document stages – as well as interim updates. We provide numerous building system and materials price comparisons for informed decision-making and control over your project costs.

Value Optimization is a systematic methodology to optimizing the "value" of a project – not simply an exercise to reduce project costs. It starts with an understanding of what is of value to the client and other project stakeholders. The goal is to seek ways to improve the quality and efficiency of a project while maintaining the original vision and intent.

We provide the project team with the information necessary to make informed decisions. Through effective collaboration and care, the quality of the project actually increases, as creative solutions are evaluated amongst the project team. Value Optimization can be introduced at any point in a project, however it is most effective and can offer the highest rate of return when engaged early in the preconstruction phase of the project.

Critical to the success of every project is a comprehensive logistics plan which is developed during the preconstruction phase by our project team in concert with all of the project stakeholders. Paramount to this plan is the safety of both construction personnel and the public, along with the efficient execution of construction. We meet with the client and end users early on to gain a thorough understanding of your operations and document the specific steps needed to control access, material deliveries, noise, construction debris, and waste handling.

The Albert M. Higley Co. employs a team of scheduling professionals who are proficient in both Critical Path Method (CPM) and Pull Schedule procedures. Our approach is collaborative, incorporating input from the client, architect, engineers, as well as subcontractors and suppliers. By engaging all project stakeholders, each team member becomes invested and accountable to the project milestones.

We utilize Primavera® P6 Project Planner scheduling software not to record where the project has been, but to drive where it is going. Potential construction delays are controlled through three-week look-ahead schedules and regular audits measuring actual performance against schedule milestones.