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Week 1

(August 7, 2013): Apparently it was meant to be – yesterday’s rains stopped just in time, and the clouds traveled elsewhere so that our volunteer farm crew could work at Trinity Community Farm. We helped rescue dozens of waterlogged tomato plants. They were trimmed of dead leaves and stems so the healthy parts of the plants could dry out and produce lots more tomatoes. Thanks to Tom Lippert, Joe Morris & Leah Esber, Grace Sauline and Cameron Carris for their efforts. Trinity volunteer Bill DiTirro assures us there will also be plenty of work for all who care to join us again next Wednesday. If you are interested in helping out this very worthy cause, please contact us.

farm AMHigley

(August 14, 2013) It was another successful afternoon! Gareth Vaughan, Jim Boyd, Joe Morris and Anne Chambers helped two farm volunteers pick green beans and collard greens. When combined with the tomatoes and zucchini that the farm volunteers picked, the total harvest was in excess of 110 pounds for that afternoon!

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(August 21, 2013) Many thanks go out to our biggest crew of volunteers yet who visited the Trinity Community Farm yesterday. Jim Boyd, Joe Morris & Leah Esber, Cameron Carris, Bruce Sampsel, Gus Kriaris, Grace Sauline, Joel Smith, and Corey Schiebel shared in harvesting collard greens, green beans, tomatoes, raspberries and blackberries. We have one more visit scheduled for next week – our plentiful rain and mild temperatures are contributing to a great crop. If you would like to take advantage of the last trip to the farm, please let us know!

farm photo AMHIgley