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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo | Asian Highlands Exhibit
Cleveland, OH


AMHigley recently served as Construction Manager at Risk for the Asian Highlands Exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. This $5.2M project features Snow Leopards, Amur Leopards, Red Panda, and Takin. The new themed holding and conservation building is constructed of timber framing, masonry with custom precast details, and includes 30’ of viewing glass. Each pane of glass is made up of (3) layers of 3/8” glass with Ionoplast Interlayer. The conservation area includes custom interactives and AV systems to educate and entertain visitors. The Leopard Holding area features separate secure containment areas for Snow Leopards and Amur Leopards with separate HVAC systems. Custom overhead shifts were fabricated to move Leopards from the outdoor yards, overhead to two front yards. Leopards can lay in the overhead “moongate” over top of the visitor path. The exhibit features (4) Leopard yards surrounding the holding building. Exhibit yards have custom built structures to allow the Leopards to jump and climb. Exhibit yards are fully enclosed in hand-woven stainless-steel mesh. Two exhibit yards also feature caves that are cooled utilizing a chilled water system pumped through the cave structure. A separate Red Panda holding building was constructed with direct access to the Red Panda yard. The yard is densely planted, includes climbing structures, as well as a custom fabricated log that the Red Pandas can nest in. The log is also cooled utilizing the chilled water system. The project completed in June 2018.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Van Auken Akins Architects

35,400 SF

​Construction Value
$5.2 million

​Project Completion
June 2018

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