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AMHigley Announces Mike Larson-Edwards as Regional Director for Pennsylvania

AMHigley Announces Mike Larson-Edwards as Regional Director for Pennsylvania

The Albert M. Higley Co. (AMHigley) is delighted to announce the promotion of Mike Larson-Edwards to the position of Regional Director for the Pennsylvania region. Mike's exceptional leadership skills, industry expertise, and proven track record make him an excellent fit for this pivotal role within the organization.

Joining AMHigley in 2021 as the Manager of the Customer Service Group (CSG) in Pennsylvania, Mike was tasked with establishing and developing the CSG-Pennsylvania office. Through his strategic vision and unparalleled dedication, Mike not only successfully launched the regional Customer Service Group, but also cultivated strong relationships with clients, architects, developers, and institutions across multiple markets. Under his guidance, CSG-Pennsylvania became a thriving $4 million annual enterprise, showcasing his ability to drive results and foster growth.

With 16 years of experience in the construction industry, Mike has held various operational roles, including Estimator, Project Manager, Project Executive, and Manager of CSG. His entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, and deep understanding of industry dynamics have set him apart, making him a natural choice for the role of Regional Director. Mike's contributions to AMHigley extend beyond his professional capabilities; his commitment to excellence and genuine engagement with clients have significantly elevated the company's presence in the Western Pennsylvania region.

In his new position as Regional Director, Mike Larson-Edwards will play a key role in steering the strategic direction of AMHigley's Pennsylvania office. His leadership qualities, combined with a wealth of industry knowledge, make him well-equipped to drive continued success and growth in this dynamic market. "I am confident that Mike's appointment as Regional Director will further strengthen our position in Pennsylvania. His dedication, leadership skills, and industry acumen align seamlessly with AMHigley's commitment to excellence," said Dan Sehlhorst, Executive Vice President at AMHigley. "We look forward to the continued success and growth under his leadership."